Goals of our foundation

The Brat dla Brata foundation was established to help others and give hope in all life circumstances. The paths of life twist and turn and nobody should ever be alone. We believe that even if everybody leaves the man, God surely will not. This is why the foundation is not only a result of good will and effort of people but, first and foremost, a work of God. Through the people committed to the foundation, God will bring help and hope to those who feel abandoned, lonely, and left to themselves. The foundation will pursue goals set in its Articles of Association, which is mainly to promote the notion of brotherhood, which is extinct today. What is brotherhood and what does it mean to be a brother? Brotherhood or being a brother to another person is, above all, selfless help to another human, extended helping hand, and devotion of time and oneself to another person not expecting gratitude or reward. Today, it is necessary to show brotherhood to the world where we live lost in ego and pursuit of wealth. Brotherhood is neither fashionable nor practised. The first and fundamental goal of the foundation is to show the world what brotherhood is and what it means to be a brother to another person. The foundation intends to pursue this goal through direct help to people who come to it with their issues and problems. We want to offer help to everyone without dividing people due to their social or material situation, skin colour, religion, or beliefs. What matters to us is the human and their happiness. The foundation seeks to teach other brotherhood through various meetings, conferences, and training courses for volunteers who would like to walk our path. We want to promote patriotic values but above all, teach respect and acceptance for oneself and then for others. Many people have problems accepting themselves. They cannot love themselves, which distances them from others. They become gloomy and very often, depressed. It is hard to even list all problems people face every day. There is a problem for every person in the world; but we want to embrace everyone, to offer our time to everyone so they can feel they are among brothers and understand what brotherhood is. There is nothing worse than loneliness and the feeling that there is no one to listen and share a bit of time. This is why the foundation wants to accompany every one who needs it. The help is free because love must not be given for money. It must be selfless help; you cannot be a brother if you expect to profit or get paid.

The foundation wants to prevent human helplessness not only regarding every-day matters. We seek to ‘heal’ the wounded soul of people who suffer from internal dilemma and troubles because of loneliness and lack of understanding from others or because of rejection. We want to give love, closeness, and hope that living with others feels secure. When you are aware of having in your life someone who will not betray, cheat, or deceive you, you feel safe. We want to give this internal safety to others. The foundation has to stop the overwhelming avalanche of suicides in Poland. A topic so much avoided in public. State authorities and Church organisations are helpless. This is why the foundation will provide support to those who failed to find help or did not know where to look for it.

For the foundation to fully achieve its goals, it has to be strong inside and surrounded by special people who are open to the needs of others but also well-founded people who can live for others. Our team consists of empathic, hard-working, educated, and devoted people who spare no time or energy serving others.

I would like to cordially thank the whole board of the foundation and all therapists, physicians, and other people committed to the work of the foundation.

We are currently collecting funds for the building of a monastery complex:

More details about the construction will be published on our website. Follow the progress of our common work with us!

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